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 It is my prayer that you and your family are healthy and are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself during this time.


With a lot of uncertainty, living in the "new norm", I just wanted to take a moment to assure for some of you, and reassure some, that we are prepared to help you get through this, as we've always done. 


The Governor classified Cleaning and Janitorial Services as essential during Covid-19. We were cleaning and disinfecting homes and businesses pre-Covid and I am proud to say, we still are.


We have implemented additional steps in all of our cleanings called "The Covid-19 Checklist". This basically states that in addition to our regular services offered, we're going to disinfect - with a DHS and CDC approved cleaning solution to what we call "high traffic/touch areas". For ex:Light switch plates, doorbells, alarm pads, toilet flushers, door knobs and door pulls to name a few. We added this feature or should I say emphasized, to protect our staff,you and your family, it's no additional costs. 


Please know that we are doing everything we can to protect our staff,and you, during this uncertain time. Our staff knows to stay home when they're ill We ask that you notify us if you or someone in your family may be ill and we'll reschedule your service


As we work to get our economy back,rebuild lives,that were affected by a horrible "moment in time", it is my prayer that we remain strong,focused and steadfast. 


Many Blessings to you,


Leslie, Owner/Founder



Giving our Clients Peace Of Mind

Your Concerns are Our Concerns..

With the onset of Covid, keeping our homes clean and germ free became more important than ever. But we pride ourselves on the fact that even before Covid, we were disinfecting AND sanitizing our clients' homes and workplaces. We use Lysol and other top shelf brand products that people know, love and trust. 

You can feel safe, and be assured that your space is in good hands!

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